Hoe Wassup!

On: Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Things have been crazy since my last post. It was a whole hell of a lot of something I don't like (and usually try my best to stay away from), drama. New Years Eve was nuts, not in a good way, as in you DON'T want to start off the new year THIS way. Ex-girlfriend showed up at the frat house with her guard dog of a cousin and started all sorts of shit wit my girlfriend (at-the-time), who is now my ex-girlfriend because of it. It sucks how things turned out but there is nothing that I can do about it now so Ima just leave it alone. I dont talk to neither one of them, my ex-girlfriend OR my psycho ex-girlfriend, anymore. Im not going to say that I wish I was back with my ex because I know her heart ain't in it no more and Im definitely NOT gonna be wit my psycho ex cuz, the girl is psycho.

You guys wanna know how psycho she is? Not only does she ALREADY have my name tattoo'd on her pelvic, put it this way you can't see the tattoo unless you pull her panties off, but NOW she's tryna get my initials tatted on her left hand for everybody to see! And we been broken up for about 3 years now! And she is STILL on that crazy shit. I mean Im not gonna lie, the fact that she wants my name all over her body is a turn on but I know I ain't about to be in no relationship wit her cuz I can't trust her. I swear when we were together its like the girl was allergic to tellin the truth, everything that came out her mouth was a goddam lie and I ain't about to deal wit that bullshit again. She's absolutely fucking gorgeous and FINE AS FUCK but Im sorry not even lookin THAT good can keep me around if you finna be bullshittin. I mean I'll HIT! But then who WOULDN'T want to fuck her lol Every time we go out she turns niggas heads in the complete opposite direction of where they headed in 1.2 milliseconds lol I hear niggas necks crack when she walk by haha Foreal! I wanted to post up a pic so bad but I don't want her ass comin at me about it later, Im tryna avoid her, that's the point!

As far as my non-psycho ex, I wish she had given me just a little bit longer to get rid of this psycho but she didn't. She said she figured that since I haven't been able to get rid of her in 3 years that it wasn't ever gonna happen. Well guess what boo?! I ain't talkin to her no more and you fucked up, bad. I know your ass finna miss me, even if its not today or tomorrow, but you will. Believe THAT baby.

Its whatever man, I am not about to put my life on pause just cuz these girls want to act like some 7th graders. I am on my last year of college and Im lookin past this shit. I have more than enough time in my life to be dealin wit women but Im not always gonna be in college so Ima try and make everyday count and enjoy the fuck out of it in the process.

On a lighter note! I had an interview for the front desk of my dorm this past Monday and my new supervisor, Ashley, hired me RIGHT after the interview. So I start working the front desk sometime next week. Only thing is that I live in the Grant North dorms aka ghetto Grant aka the projects lol Its not really the ghetto or the projects, its just that people get into A LOT of fights over here. Fights are so bad in my dorm that all of Grant (North and South) are all on lockdown! You can't even get into the buildings if you dont swipe your studentID (OneCard), and that's even during the day! Grant even went as far as to remove ALL the furniture from the lobbies so that nobody can kick it there no more. Cuz it used to be a gang of niggas playin Spades in the lobby (atleast in North where I stay) and you know how that can get when money is on the line.

And its not like its only the blacks and hispanics, white people be gettin buck too! This one thugged out lookin whiteboy came in wit a do-rag lookin hard as shit. Dude got into it wit two security guards. Muthafucka was small but he had some power to him, he had the bigger security guard in a headlock! haha I am NOT lyin! It took 4 people to hold this little whiteboy down haha It was too funny. And then when he was in handcuffs he looked at the bigger cop and he was like "You big as fuck you weak as hell. You're a pussy!" lmao I was dyin inside.

What was I talkin about? Oh yea my new job. But anyway, Im also on this PR (Public Relations) Team that was handselected by the head of Undergraduate Studies at NIU. Its 12 of us and basically what we do is, well we are the Communications Department's very own PR firm. PR is something that I wouldn't mind doing right after college BEFORE I go for my postgrad. PR is fresh, exciting, and its never the same thing twice. What more can you ask for?! And its comin up in the world too, which means lots and lots of potential to earn lots and lots of money. Which is what is most important to me anyway, any day.

I would keep writing but Im tired and I need to get some breakfast.

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6 comments on "Hoe Wassup!"

Bombchell said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha u're so silly. this post is so funny.

and in the words of flav: wooooooow @ psycho ex. potential stalker/ restraining order victim.

gosh @ u're dorm, that's crazy as fck!!

goodluck & keep us posted!!!

One Eighteen said...

Yea ima try and post AT LEAST once a week cuz im sure im bout to have some stories lol Jaimie told me you two hung out a while ago, where THOSE pics at?!


Jaimie said...

lmao dude, that sounds so f'ed up! what the hell yo. and hey! someone called me from your number, was that the psycho ex? cuz a girl was askin me shit, im like uh i think you have me confused for someone else, beezy.

and i dont think me and chell took any lol

One Eighteen said...

Yea that was my psycho ex, she was tryna call my frat brother Kevin's girlfriend lol My bad! But yea she told me she had called the wrong person I was like get off my phonebook hoe! haha


Princess Katrina said...

hahahahaahahha funny

Unique11 said...

and bcuz of ur job at the front desk and my situation, WE MET!!!!! awwww! funny how life is..... especially seeing this entry and lookin at where ur at now =Z hahaha