On: Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Yall know I have my opinions on Soulja Boy but the fact that he can put a song together is undeniable. Soulja Boy makes some of the tightest beats I have ever heard! I gotta give shawty THAT. Every beat on his new album is tight. The lyrical content may not be up to par with his beats but even I can't stop listening to the album. Its a banger. Ima have it on blast in MY car. If you are NOT a Soulja Boy fan you should give the album a shot. I can't guarantee you'll like it but shit you got nothin to lose by listenin to it! Oh and the song that I can't stop playin in my head is called Eazy (listen below). THAT song is hot all around! Trust me!


"Kiss Me Through the Phone" is one of the best songs SB's ever made, in my opinion of course! If you don't like it at first, it'll grow on you.

Soulja Boy - Kiss Me Thru the Phone


(Not gonna happen tho)

Download: Soulja Boy - Eazy

118 Bump Jr make this shit look EAZY

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MyLoveMyLife said...

auggggggggggghhhh!! HIM!! i hate the fact that i like him. and like u said, it aint even his lyrical content , its the damn catchy tune. DAMN SOULJA BOY and his catchy ass beats! i be in my room by myself rockin to his lil young ass. *holds head down in shame, and mosey's away kickin her rocks*

One Eighteen said...

Don't trip girl! Music has no age limits. How's that baby girl of yours?! Bet she big as hell now

Bombchell said...

yeah its kinda crazy, there'll be a song i really liked, only to find out later it was by him. I'll have to check out his album... and kanye's ... and common, lol infact a lot

Demiera said...

Both are hot beats. Kiss Me Thru The Phone gets my vote cuz I'm proud of Soulja Boy making a halfway decent cakey song (soulja girl was weak as HELL). Eazy was a tight beat but I didn't listen to the lyrics long enough...wasn't worth my time...

One Eighteen said...

@ Bombchell
Kanye's 808s & Heartbreaks is different. Very different. Im not gonna say I love it but I do approve of it. "Amazing" is just that, amazing! So amazing lol I give Kanye all the credit in the world for trying something different and, in my opinion, he succeeded with it. And I think niggas would be hypocrites [sp] if they hate on Kanye for trying something different because how many times have people made the argument that all rap is the same? So now that a rapper tries something different, niggas wanna hate? That's some bullshit if you ask me. And I'm very proud that the rapper who DID do something different is from Chicago. Big big ups Kanye.

@ Demiera
What! Eazy is my favorite track on the album! :(


Jaimie said...

turn my swag onnnnnnnnnnnn
take a look in the mirror, say wazzup...

lol, he does have some catchy ass beats

One Eighteen said...

@ Jaimie I could NOT stop playin that song!!! It got on my girl's nerves!!! haha



TiKeDi said...

i seriously have little tolerance for soulja boi he just hasnt grown on me

One Eighteen said...

@ TikeDi lol fair enough


Bombchell said...

hmm I'll prob still love it.

Meanshots22 said...

its a good song. i usually dont do soulja boy though. nice to see u writing again

Rai said...

I'll pass on Soulja Boy. lol
Can't be mad at him though, he's making money.

& Thanks for the comment! =]

One Eighteen said...

@ Meanshots Thanks!

@ Rai You're welcome!