Shawty Doin Good!!!

On: Thursday, December 11, 2008


Finals are over, so is the semester and I am real happy to inform yall that I ended up with a 3.4 semester GPA.  All the hard work definitely paid off.  But most important were the opportunities that were presented to me during the semester.

First of all, the Director of Undergraduate studies of the Communications department at NIU offered me a spot on his public relations team for next semester.  Not only that, but he's also offering me the maximum credit hours available for the Practicum requirement of the degree, which is 3 credit hours.  Needless to say, I'm pretty excited about that.  Working with and for the undergraduate director of the Coms department is gonna look real nice on the resume.

That wasn't even my only come-up this semester!  I have had the chance to hang out with AND hit the club with somebody that I'm hoping will be my boss as soon as I graduate from NIU.  I don't want to use his name without his permission but he's the President and C.O.O. of a black-owned and operated, Alabama-based Telecommunications Corporation.  Working FOR him at his corporation would be my ideal situation right after earning my Bachelors but through him I have even more options.

We were kickin it at a club up on the northside, called Skybar.  We were doing what we always do which is talking business, politics, and what else, HIP HOP!  Something I forgot to mention was that he used to be the C.E.O. of an entertainment consulting company as well.  So this man fucks with all of Chicago's rap artists and producers lol Kanye, Twista, Crucial Conflict (matter fact, he was their manager), the man even knew about Bump J and Goon Squad!  He taught ME some stuff lol foreal.  But anyway, he told me to e-mail him a list of all of the companies that I would like to work for and that he would take care of it from there.  WASSUP!!!  Man yall know I sent that e-mail ASAP!!! I DO NOT BULLSHIT!!!  And I am NOT bullshittin.

So now that I'm on break for a month or so all I got planned after a hard, but fruitful semester is a whole lot of chillin!  Ima just kick back and relax ALL MONTH cuz I know when I get back to school in mid-January Ima be working even HARDER than last semester.  So for now Ima just bullshit til that time comes.  I got too much time on my hands now so I encourage yall to hit me up; Facebook, MySpace, AIM, Yahoo, e-mail, text (ask me for my number), comments, etc... Everybody knows I love talking to people so fuck the bullshit and hit a nigga up!

Where was YALL at while I was gone.  What have YALL been up to huh?! Scream at me!

PS I got pictures comin...

No apparent reason?

118 aka Bump Jr

3 comments on "Shawty Doin Good!!!"

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

Congrats on the good gpa! Man I gotta meet some of the people you know so I can get some connections! lol

Bombchell said...

wow so happy for u, Congrats!!!! great gpa, pretty cool that everything's going well.

ugh I have exams mon & wed but they should go well. it's my first semester so i migth have 2 A, or A-'s ugh

One Eighteen said...


Wassup! Thanks! And just KIT with me, I'll put on whoever I can as soon as I can

PS What does your name mean?


Hey you! I was wondering why you hadn't commented yet! I expect a comment from you on most, if not EVERY SINGLE ONE of my posts. Ur definitely a favorite. But girl I can't believe you said "ugh" to A minus-es lol You're a perfectionist. Im happy with ANY type of A lol