On: Sunday, December 14, 2008

Yes I do!

First night hitting the clubs in Chicago after comin back from school and I get 2 numbers.  But these numbers aren't from females, 2 dudes gave them to me and I didn't even ask lol No homo though, these guys are the owners of Ontourage (Chicago) and Detox (Dekalb).  I was downstairs at Ontourage waiting for Joey cuz it was his 21st birthday.  Man he got FUCKED UP! lol Pictures of THAT comin soon, as soon as I get them from Christina and Katelyn.  But yea, the owner of Ontourage hooked it up he said that I get in free and so does anybody else that comes wit me.  So if yall are gonna be in Chicago... HIT ME UP! I must have been talkin real good to him cuz
 then he told one of his promoters to go get this dude named Ramsey cuz he said he wanted him to meet me. Turns out that Ramsey is the owner of Detox in Dekalb.  I know Detox real well cuz that's where I'm at when I go out in Dekalb.  I was like yea I know 4 of your girls there. Christina, Jaqueline, Armida, and Joanna.  He was like ok this nigga is not bullshittin so after we were talking he gave me his number too lol

It was a fun night.  They were tellin me about the time when Do or Die came and did a video at Ontourage.  They said that the toilets ended up getting flooded cuz of all the tampons that all the video girls were throwning in there lol TMI if you ask me but that shit was funny!  However, now you know that when you see video girls in a hot ass video, there's a chance that that bitch is on her rag! Eww, I'll never look at videos the same lol

Dayum, I JUST got a picture message on the SK!  Haha check this shit out!

This is why you should NOT pass out with your friends around
Happy 21st birthday buddy!!!

118 Gotcho ass!

4 comments on "iNetwork"

TiKeDi said...

that is sooo true..wait till you get somewhere semi know he is going to get you back

One Eighteen said...

nah... he knows i wasnt there lol he got written up at work tho, he couldnt get all the marker out his face lol

Jaimie said...

mannn, thats cold yall did him like that lol

One Eighteen said...

@ Jaimie it wasnt me i swear!!! i wasnt even there lol but yea that is some shit i WOULD do