Wut Up! Wuz Hatnin!

On: Friday, November 07, 2008

Man! Blogger has changed since I stopped posting on the regular. Fuck it. Anyway, as you all know (if you read the blog) I have been so busy with school that I have NO TIME to keep up with all the latest in Rap and Hip Hop. However, since i HAVE been writing so many papers and exploring the countless theories that make up the field of Communications, I have surprisingly developed an even stronger passion for writing and communication in general. More specifically, corporate communication.

What the fuck am I talking about?

Im sayin that I like to write and you will see a lot more WRITTEN posts around here and I don't give a damn how you feel. So...fck you

Much Love,
One Eighteen

Haha No but seriously I have learned a whole lot this semester and I want to share that with yall (sorry, its not up to you) lol

Let me start by tellin yall exactly WHY i haven't been posting. For example, this coming Monday I have to participate in a mock trial for my journalism law class. In this mock trial I am a member of the Defense and my client is Jane Roe. I'm sure yall know how these mock trials work (from high school). Basically, I have to beat out the prosecution's argument by convincing the members of the Supreme Court that my client, Jane Roe, is completely innocent of the charges that were placed upon her. My client is being accused of breaching natural security and associating with terrorist groups. Any other person would look at this project and have less than excited views about it. But of course me being the NERD that I am, am anxious for Monday to come. I got this shit on lock. I hope the prosecution and the Supreme Court are ready for me! lol

That's not the only project I am working on. I have another group project for my Public Relations class. THAT project has to do with Image Restoration. In this project, my group and I, as members of Nestle Corporation's PR department, have to come up with a proposal/plan for the restoration of Nestle's corporate image because it has been sufficiently tainted by activist groups complaining about Nestle's business ethics. Sound boring? I am actually more excited about this project than the first one I mentioned.

For anybody that wants to talk about my ability to write PROPERLY (this is my blog and I write how I want in MY blog), I just want to say that the head of the Communications Department at NIU invited me and insisted that I join his public relations team for the upcoming semester. And he offered me 3 credit hours! You already know I hopped all over that opportunity lol and you KNOW I'm puttin that on the resume! Did I mention he read one of my papers to the whole class?! haha Scream at me!!!

Oh!!! And by the way...



And this was all it took to make a difference...

Southside of Chicago stand up!!! And now the rest of the United States can celebrate with us. Congratulations Senator, EXCUSE ME, Mr. President! Man! There is nothing better than knowing that I could poke my head out my window and yell out OBAMA and the President of the United States would be able to hear me.


I wanna give a very special shout out to a very special lady friend. I'm sure yall know who this is. Niggas blow her page up on the daily. And I don't blame em! The reason for the shoutout is that this girl always checks up on me just to see if I'm straight cuz obviously I been absent this whole semester. Its always nice to know that even tho you've never met somebody, you can still give a fuck about the person.

118 All you haters, CAN GET AT ME

7 comments on "Wut Up! Wuz Hatnin!"

Bombchell said...

awwwwww lol thanks for the shoutout!!!!

omg im so happy schools going well with u. gosh I have to do case breifs in one of my classes, wish i was as excited as u.

lol wish u lived in atl & u had a TI-83 calculator i could borrow for another one.

One Eighteen said...

haha yea you gotta be a on the low nerd like me to get excited over some shit like that.

btw, im working on a case right now. just decided to take a break lol


Melody.Darlene said...

glad to hear that school is goin well! imma still need u to post more tho! lol!

PhlyyGirl said...

Hi! First time here and all that good stuff...
I just graduated with an audio production degree(which is sorta communications depending on who you ask, LOL) but you making me feel madddd inspired to like, go to grad school or something!
No but seriously, there's nothing wrong with being excited about your schoolwork. I'd rather that, then you just be dragging along, doing it just to do it. I remember mock trials being the funnest shit I ever did in school. Of course my favorite was from kindegarten when I had to defend the big bad wolf against the three pigs. I killed that shit though. Lets just say the wolf had a big ham dinner to celebrate, LOL!
But good luck with your schoolwork and now that you're gonna post more, I'm sure I'll be back more.

Sydni Lux Presents said...

I Love You!!!

socialedisturbed. said...

wow u really have been workin hard.. no posts!

MyLoveMyLife said...

*MUAH MUAH MUAH*!!! I have missed you sooo much. LET ME TELL YOU!! working this 11-7 am shift just aint the same without ur hilariousness. lmaooo. i am glad ur back bloggin. but i am also glad u took time out to focus on you and what is real. i'm am excited that you are excited about ur upcomming classes and what not. i will be starting school on line this January. wish me luck. and i will be keeping a eye out on u and ur blog from now on. MUAH again!