Tyra's Horrible Hair

On: Friday, August 15, 2008

I know the media is stupid but this right here really just pisses me off AND makes me laugh, all at the same time.

I was on Yahoo and on one of their "Entertainment" headlines said this about Tyra Banks: Tyra's hairdresser must be playing a trick on her. That crimped coif is a complete catastrophe.

I have been in love with Tyra Banks my whole life really. Since I was a young ass dude watching her on the Fresh Prince she's always been the hottest girl ever to me. So as I'm reading this, I'm thinkin oh Lord what the fuck did she do to her hair lol So I'm bracing myself to see some funny shit but I should have known better than to trust the media over my girl Tyra. Ready for the picture? Here it go.


Tell me if she (including her hair) does not look absolutely FLAWLESS. Her hair looks extra good to me in this pic, so what the fuck is the media hatin on??? Actually Tyra gives them a whole lot to hate on. Fuck it.

118 Don't give a fuck about dem haters, Young Tyra been gettin PAPER!

4 comments on "Tyra's Horrible Hair"

Jaimie @ Just Kiss 'N Makeup said...

I think its really cute, bringing back the crimp. I'd do my hair like that.

socialedisturbed. said...

she looks nice... idkwtf them ppl was smokin/snortin

One Eighteen said...

@ SocialeDisturbed and where have YOU been!!! hopefully not smokin rocks like the person that wrote that shit about Tyra's gorgeous self


Raft3r said...

yeah, tyra's hot

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thanks, man!