[OSVD] Smilez & Southstar - Tell Me

On: Thursday, August 14, 2008

This song, in my opinion, is as hip hop as a song can get. Before you go jappin off at the mouth, let me tell you why. First of all, one of the artists is black and the other is asian. Hip hop appeals to all ages and races so for this song to have been put out by an artist who is anything other than black, that's hip hop as hell. And because one of the artists is asian, it just shows how far and wide hip hop's appeal can be (even tho Southstar is from Orlando). Also, listen to the beat. It can't get any more classic than that. Hip hop beats have changed over time but this was at a time when hip hop music like this was fresh and raw. The beat is perfect for a song of the hip hop genre. One more thing is the lyrical content of the song. Hip hop is NOT about guns, hoes, and fresh clothes and neither is THIS song. Finally, the lyrical delivery of the song; its hip hop. Plain and simple. Young artists expressing themselves and doin it in a fun and entertaining way, and never lacking sexual appeal (referring to the cute ass girls in the video lol). The hook is sick too, real hip hop.

I'm by no means saying that this is the greatest hip hop song of all time. Never that! All I'm saying is that this song is as hip hop as any song can get.

118 Now I gotta turn to these rhymes, its the only way I know to release my mind

3 comments on "[OSVD] Smilez & Southstar - Tell Me"

Demiera said...

Don't forget to mention before the hatas start jockin...lmao...

This song was definitely playing before Mesmerize by Ja Rule became popular.

For those who may get it twisted.

Miss Foxxy said...

i love this song, and i remember tryna catch the video everything it would come on BET cuz i wanted to stare at southstar [the asian one] lol.. man, that dude is sexy to me for some reason!

and, i beg to differ on the girls in the video tho.. i remember specifically thinkin'.. those were the best girls they could get? one girl [in the club scene towards the end] was BUSTED lookin'.. but regardless, i love this song!!

One Eighteen said...

idk, i thought the girls were pretty fly. southstar is cool but i still think Jin is the better Asian rapper. Jin is ugly as fuck tho.