The Cool Kids - Pennies

On: Friday, August 15, 2008

Chicago's own The Cool Kids. Chicago, you got the most creative artists in all of Hip Hop. This is why I love my city and I never want to leave (and I won't). Mickey Rocks and Chuck Inglish, yall are next to blow.

Download it: The Cool Kids - Pennies
Source: Fake Shore Drive

118 Turn it up, I don't think they hear it enough

3 comments on "The Cool Kids - Pennies"

Demiera said...

Lovin this song. Absolutely loving it.

I liked it the moment I pressed play...and that's on my shitty computer speakers!! I can only imagine how good it's gonna sound in the whip!

DEFINITELY will be downloaded and put on the mp3 player!

One Eighteen said...

I've instilled good taste in you young grasshopper


Bombchell said...

love them, theyre pretty cool