The Game ft Common - Angel

On: Friday, August 15, 2008

The Game hookin up with Chicago's own, Common! Boy I tell you. Chicago and Compton doin big thangs lol Both rappers are super lyrical in it (what you expect?). Its a real good track too, definitely worth listening to, real chilled out type of song and the hook and background vocals are top notch.

Download it: The Game ft Common - The Angel
Source: 2DopeBoyz

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2 comments on "The Game ft Common - Angel"

Demiera said...

I'm really liking this song, too. The Game is at the TOP of his game right now. It's really mellow...I could see this being in my list of study songs.

Dope Boys is STILL stuck in my head, by the way.

One Eighteen said...

Ha! Demiera delivering a couple puns of her own lol