Cassidy ft Cory Gunz - Body Bags

On: Friday, August 15, 2008

My main man Cassidy is always gonna get covered in THIS blog. Cassidy shits on every rapper out there (except for maybe Lupe and Lil Wayne). And in this song he got Cory Gunz spittin his own shit. Gunz is catching alot of hype yall notice that? Like B-Rad said, he can spit.

Favorite part of the song:
At the very end of the track, Cassidy spits acapella. Straight raw. And at the very very end this nigga say "I rap but I sold crack rock and had the block jumpin like the frog on the Honey Smacks dig em???" LMAO!!! Cassidy snapped lol

Download it: Cassidy ft Cory Gunz - Body Bags

118 You dig em???

2 comments on "Cassidy ft Cory Gunz - Body Bags"

Demiera said...

Lyrical genius.

I've been a bit of a Cory Gunz fan ever since I heard "A Millie" with him and Lil Wayne. I thought he murdered that song.

This song is hot!

One Eighteen said...

yea his A Milli was pretty fucking outstanding