[OSVD] 2pac - Changes

On: Sunday, July 06, 2008

Technically the old school video of YESTERDAY lol Sorry folks I forgot to post it yesterday.

But the old school video of the day is "Changes" by 2pac. This video is pretty powerful because of all the images and footage of Pac when he was alive, kinda documentary-like.

Tupac Shakur to this day has been the most influential rapper to ever live. I won't say that he is the greatest rapper of all time (even though he's probably #2 all time) but he definitely is the greatest rapper to ever live just because of the life he lived and what he did for rap and hip hop all together. I have given speeches and written papers on Tupac for school and to this day I still think, correction I know, that Pac is alive and well.

In the song 2pac says,
"And I know it seems heaven sent but we ain't ready to see a black president"

118 Are we ready now, Pac???

8 comments on "[OSVD] 2pac - Changes"

Anonymous said...

i haven't really listened to much tupac. but, i do believe he is alive and well as well. how conspiracy of me. lol.

but, yay! i'm glad my song choice counts. i thought i would pick something embarassing. =/

One Eighteen said...

lmao naw, Run DMC is a legendary rap group


Anonymous said...

ohh.. definitely. i was raised on them. my dad liked run dmc and whodini. he was into popping when he was in high school and what not.

carefree said...

yeah tupac is deck, but i'd say the best rapper of all time(still rappin til this day) is nas.
why do you think tupac is still alive? i never really heard this story

Anonymous said...

I really do believe if Tupac was alive today, he would have came full circle. Pac had something to say.

Anonymous said...

I read your comment. So tell me this...how did it all happen? ALOT of people had to be involved to pull it off.

Truthfully for years I believe he was still alive but now I don't believe it.

dessex said...

I love Pac, but sometimes I just wish that people would just let that man rest in peace...if I hear that another Pac albums is coming out...I am going to go crazy.

Brenda's Got a Baby, When My Homies Call, and Dear Mama are my favs.

Kieya said...

I think this is my favorite song by him (tied with Keep Ya Head Up) because its REAL. And he was talkin truth.