Bump J - Bye Bye

On: Sunday, July 06, 2008

Since nothing really caught my auditory attention today Ima post a song that I have not gotten tired of hearing since I first heard it a LONG time ago. Its off of Bump Js Goon Squad Gangstas mixtape and its called "Bye Bye"

For yall that don't know, Bump J was signed to Atlantic back in '05 but there was problems with his other label and after a long ass time of tryna get his album Nothin To Lose to come out, Bump J decided to ask to be released from Atlantic. So now he's a free agent again and once again labels are all over Bump's nuts tryna get him to sign on the dotted line. But in an interview that I got from the homies at Fake Shore Drive (which I also have posted up in my blog, click here) Bump says that Jay-Z is talkin real good to him right now and that if he signs with a major record label its probably gonna be wit Jay-Z. Bump J is the next Chicago emcee to blow up. Don't sleep on my nigga I'm tellin you. You can also download his newest mixtape, Dinnertime, in its entirety on my blog, click here.

Here go the Smack DVD video for "Bye Bye"

And here go the whole song

118 I'm grindin and naw I can't take no loss!!!

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Anonymous said...

umm. i'm not really the best to go to for an old school song. i am definitely not an expert. =/ would king of rock by run dmc count?

One Eighteen said...