Andrew Got a Blog!!!

On: Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ah!!! My nigga Andrew got a blog now. I wonder what kinda shit he's gonna have on there lol Wow, this is about to be hilarious lol Show his brand new blog some love yall.

Click it
The Flack Attack

Expect ALOT of stories starring him while high as fuck!!! lol Don't be surprised if all of his posts are published WHILE he's smoking a blunt lol

118 Flaaaava Flaaaaaack!!!

3 comments on "Andrew Got a Blog!!!"

Anonymous said...

u are not black, quit callin urself and ur friends niggas. i know ur tryna be coo and all but u dont see black ppl walkin around callin each other wet-backs.

Angie said...

l0l, did he say he was black? Hi new friend! lol

One Eighteen said...

naw, he's anonymous as fuck lol scary ass