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On: Wednesday, July 30, 2008

And this is what it said:

"u are not black, quit callin urself and ur friends niggas. i know ur tryna be coo and all but u dont see black ppl walkin around callin each other wet-backs."

This hater is obviously a fan.

First of all, Mr. OR Ms. Anonymous, I see you didn't have the balls to show your name, and that's fine. Not everybody's momma taught them to stand up for what they believe in. So that's cool and I don't blame you. You're just a coward, that's all.

Second, you don't know where I come from or where I grew up at or how I was raised or who I hung out wit. You don't know ANYTHING about me. You think that I'm tryna be cool by callin myself a nigga? Shawty you fucked up in the head! I been called a nigga MY WHOLE LIFE and no not cuz it was meant to be cool; That's just what everybody was where I grew up at. Everybody was everybody's nigga. Black, Mexican, Puerto Rican, it didn't matter, we were all each others' niggas. And just for your information, my bestest friend in the world growin up was black and I spent about 50% of my day at HIS crib wit his big ass family. I ate, played, and even slept there. His momma would even give me money for the candy store like i was one of her kids. I spent more time at his crib than I did at my own shawty and thats real. You name it, weddings, funerals, family reunions, i was there! And this went back to when i was still rockin Pull-Ups. I was over there so much i'd prolly have trouble tellin you who my real family was back then lol

What YOU are tryna do is make the word negative all over again. I guarantee you that me referring to myself or any of my friends as a nigga is not in any way meant to disrespect black people. Like so many have said in the past, ITS A TERM OF ENDEARMENT!!! My own girlfriend is black and I love her to death. She is African American just like you (and im only GUESSING you're black cuz i cant be sure since your punk ass wont let me see who you are).

Honestly why are you even insulted? I could see if i was callin somebody black a nigga after they pissed me off or somethin but if im callin myself a nigga obviously i'm not using it in any type of negative way. If anything, i should be callin YOU out on some racist shit wit that comment you made about wetbacks. I can assure you, not a single one of my ancestors ever swam they ass over here to get to where Im at today. Not one, homie. And even if they did, fuck it, you gotta do what you gotta do for your family to have a better chance at success in life. But i could give a fuck less about what YOU think cuz shit, you don't even got a name.

118 Anonymous lookin ass

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Angie said...

Anybody that reads his blog knows he's black! Well he's not black, but he might as well be l0l. His girls black, he got a ghetto booty, & he listen 2 hip hop. U a nigga l0l. & there's nothing positive about the term wetback, so y would they compare that 2 the word nigga

One Eighteen said...

lmao the ghetto booty runs in the family but you did make a good point. i dont think anybody has ever taken the word wetback as a term of endearment lol i aint never heard no one say, yea thats my wetback right there! thats MY wetback! lmao


Angie said...

I 4got 1 thing....U know u black when u got koolaid stacked up in a cabinet which u do lol

One Eighteen said...

I got my momma to thank for that


Demiera said...

There's a difference. Nigger, with an -er, is was used to demonize African Americans. Nigga, with an -a, is used by the hip hop culture as a term of endearment. Just to clarify.

Since when does a word of endearment have to apply to just one race? I thought the whole point of the civil rights movement was to give freedom of choice, not to say "this word is MY word, that word is YOUR word..."

It's a word. Tell this anonymous person to pull their panties out their ass and stop tripping over stupid stuff. With all of the poverty, unemployment, deadbeat dads, gas prices, and murder going on, it's heartwarming to know that people still waste their time trying to roast on a Mexican for exercising his full First Amendment rights.

Oh, and I think an apology is more than in order for that wetback comment. It's not only racist, it's completely out of place and disrespectful. And it makes this anonymous person sound like a bumbling racist fool.

That comment has "hypocrit" written all over it...

One Eighteen said...

@ Demiera haha You snapped!!! Wow tell it how it is!!! And thanks for writing a blog post of your own in my comments lol

but yea youre right, not only is this idiot anonymous but he or she is also a hypocrite just like you said.


Monique said...

wow , that was like , super random. he has the audasity [sp] to come at my hubby anonymously. fck i can't spell , or did i spell it right? anyways. thats some bullshit. what the hell , & i agree with what angie said , yo as is black [ i dont know about the ghetto booty ] but yeh . smh , if your not black [ or close as hell to it ] then im lost. seriously.& yes i read the whole fckin thing amardo! dammit.

One Eighteen said...

@ Monique you mad? lol


Ti said...

I am sorry I disagree with every single one of you all. I mean this would not even be an issue of people did not use such controversial words as loosely as they do. I mean I am not saying that you do not have a right to say what you say, but one should also have a conscious, and refrain from using unnecessary words whenever they can. This is your blog, but at the same time it is at public view. And the same way you have the right to write or say whatever you think, so does that anonymous person. I feel they were simply trying to make a point. Also can people stop acquantig KoolAid with being black, what you drink do not have to do with race. Im black, and never drank Kool Aid in my life.

xoxo Jaimie said...

thanks for stoppin through. Love your page, and you go boy with that black girlfriend. i love me some interracial relationships lol just let the haters go. I think of it like this, if you got haters, you must be doin something right.

Andre said...

Nigga, like bitch is a word, easily misinterpeted with many meanings and that's always gonna be "in the eye of the be-sayer" I remember on reno 911 they were like no more use of the N-bomb in the department, and the black cop was like "can I still say it?"

but yeah there's nothin worse than a scared to speak hater in the crowd!

One Eighteen said...

@ Ti in a perfect world i guess nobody would use unnecessary words, but its not a perfect world. and you're right "anonymous" has the right to say whatever he or she wants on HIS page, not mine. you can't come to my blog and call me a wetback and expect me not to say anything about it. even if i did call him a nigga in a disrespectful way, i didn't go to his page and call him that. shit i didnt even call anybody BLACK a nigga in the post he commented on lol at all!!! and this fool is trippin!!!

@ xoxo Jaimie haha well YOU look like you were the result of an interracial relationship. black n mexican? and yea, i definitely MUST be doin somethin right cuz anonymous is definitely a fan. He had to have been one cuz how else would he know what i tend to do???


One Eighteen said...

@ Andre i believe the word for a scared to speak hater (black OR not) is in fact, a bitch nigga lol am i wrong??? i mean that's just the shit i knew growin up. i remember the worst thing you could call somebody was a bitch nigga cuz that basically took all of their manhood away, had nothin to do with race either.


Jay said...

Wow this is crazy{ even thow i dont say the word myself, i have and it was not in a hurtful way{
we just need to stop focusing on something as silly as a word and start focusing on rebuilding our communities{

Angie said...

Ti-It was a joke hun! I'm black & don't drink koolaid either! Loosen up

One Eighteen said...

@ Jay Wow, you just a made good ass point! Yea I think that there are alot more important things to worry about in the world too than what i say on my blog lol

@ Angie You don't drink kool aid either?!?!? Man both you and Ti are definitely missing out


Fluff The Artist said...

I LMAO on that last paragraph!
Really though, he/she should have known, they wouldn't be taken seriously, posting as an anonymous.

Keep on doin.

One Eighteen said...

@ Fluff the Artist Hey you!!! You never commented before, welcome to my blog. Hope you keep comin back too. And yea the whole anonymous thing was a bitch move.