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On: Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Screenshots of my MySpace and Facebook pages. For no reason at all. And shouts to Melody.Darlene for givin me the heads up on Facebook's new layout. What do yall think about the new Facebook layout??? Haven't seen it yet??? Go to after you sign in.

118 Do you uh, MySpace???

7 comments on "MySpace & Facebook"

Andre said...

I remember like in '06 I asked a girl at the club for her number and she was like "just search for me on mySpace"

Melody.Darlene said...

LMAOOOOO @ andre!!! hahahaha! omg some guy came up to me at a club a couple years back and was like "can i get ur myspace URL?" hahahah!

i got my myspace link on my page. oooh and facebook changed! they got a new layout and shit! im still getting used to it. it hasnt transfered to everone yet but u can go to to peep it.

One Eighteen said...

@ Andre thats wild lol

@ Melody.Darlene Wow, niggas actually say that??? and thanks for the heads up on Facebook, i think the new layout is lame though.


Molly :] said...

I love myspace, although i hate the new layout on facebook.
sure, i'll link exchange! :) x

Kei said...

You know, I have both accounts, but I am rarely on them! Lol.

One Eighteen said...

@ Molly i only like facebook during the school year. myspace is losing its i dont even know what to call it lol but its definitely not as hot as it used to be. lol

@ Kei yea i spend ALOT more time on Blogger than either one of those. I still like em though.


Bombchell said...

huh? what? when?

I just wnt back and logged on, and mines pretty much the same.

Im trying to limit my facebook addiction, and stop using it. all my friends ask me if i work for fb because im always on it.

oh well, i weened of myspace so its possible.