118 Interviews Kyle of Vonnegutt

On: Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Wat em upz yall!!!

I just finished interviewing Kyle of Vonnegutt for the blog and MySwagMag.com. The interview will be featured on the next issue of My Swag Magazine so be on the look out for that.

I got a couple of things to say about Kyle and Vonnegutt. First of all, Kyle is an awesome dude to interview. Definitely easy to talk to and really down to Earth. When I was talking to him I honestly felt like I was talking to one of my dudes at home. He's cool as fuck too. Even before the interview he had plans on going to see a movie with one of his girls but didn't once mention it again or hurry the interview up because of it. And the interview went on for over 2 hours!!! Shows how dedicated this man is to his fans and how much love he has for them. And that's real talk, I am NOT bullshitting.



Expect to see Vonnegutt covered on the blog more often from now on. I have a tremendous respect for artists that are undoubtedly all about the fans and do it all for the fans.

118 Yall need to Van-a-Get that album when it drops

2 comments on "118 Interviews Kyle of Vonnegutt"

BlaHHH said...

Its alwats cool when an artist is real about his fans. & congrats on the interview!

Cassidy was stupid 4 that 2 lol

One Eighteen said...

Cassidy was stupid for what???