Epic-Fu Update - Doomsday Machine, Robot Rock Band

On: Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Awesome new Epic-Fu episode.

Yea I heard about that particle accelerator. Scary shit man! I read articles with scientists saying that the chances of it producing a black hole that will swallow the Earth whole and end life as we know it are a bajillion to one. BUT HEY, the Chicago Bulls won the NBA Draft Lottery this year didn't they??? You know what though, RUN THAT SHIT!!! I wanna see what happens. I would much rather die of something cool like a black hole swallowing us into another dimension than die of old age, feel me??? At least we would see something incredibly phenomenal before we die.

118 So...where's the ON button???

2 comments on "Epic-Fu Update - Doomsday Machine, Robot Rock Band"

Demiera said...

1st things first...
i didn't pay any money to comment so that disclaimer up there is bullshit lmao

anyone who knows you knows you don't wanna die of old age, if you did u would have stopping drinking energy drinks


One Eighteen said...

haha exactly! i wanna die cool as fuck