Cassidy & DJ Green Lantern 7-7-08 Mixtape

On: Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm sorry for the delay, my computer charger was on some retarded shit the last two days.

But I'm back and guess what I got for yall!!! Remember last year on 7-7-07 Cassidy and DJ Green Lantern dropped their birthday mixtape??? If you're out of the loop let me tell you that it was one of the best mixtapes of the year!!! And this year they had to do it again!!! My bad for the lateness but I already explained that but anyway, I got it here for yall. I have the tracks on here for yall to enjoy. Let me know what yall think. And honestly, while I was listening to the mixtape, I was reminded why Cassidy is my favorite rapper (tied with Lupe Fiasco) and why I include anything and everything Cassidy does on the blog. All the tracks are BLAZING HOT and he even has a song on there with T.I. and yea, it doesn't disappoint. Cassidy you SNAPPED on this mixtape!!!

DJ Green Lantern & Cassidy - 7-7-08 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2008) Mixtape
You need Limewire to download the mixtape

Or you can just listen to the tracks on here
Click play nigga!!!

118 I'll cook food for thought if you do the dishes

2 comments on "Cassidy & DJ Green Lantern 7-7-08 Mixtape"

b rad said...

yo dis shit is crazy man all these tracks are raw especially in one ear out the other

"i cant so no to drugs im from the gutta/ it went in one ear and right out the other"

One Eighteen said...

Mixtape is hot as fuck bro. Niggas should never sleep on Cass.