On: Friday, June 20, 2008

I can't even begin to tell you how much I like Cashis. If you don't know who Cashis is I couldn't even tell you who he kind of raps or sounds like cuz his style is so unique. I can tell you though that Eminem gave him a record deal, he's a Shady recording artist. Cashis is a new artist but has been in the game for minute and I credit him with making one of my favorite songs of ALL TIME (yup I said ALL TIME) and that song is called Ms. Jenkins (produced by Eminem). Come on now, if this rapper that you NEVER heard of made one of MY favorite songs of ALL TIME, you at least owe it to yourself to listen to the song. Its about how he murdered a rival gangmember and now he is offering his victim's mother closure by apoligizing to her thru the song (deep shit huh). Shut up and listen, you WANT to listen to this song no matter who you are, hip hop fan or not.


Cashis doesn't hasn't released his debut album but he DOES have an EP out called The County Hound EP


And one of the songs on The County Hound EP is sick as fuck, its called Lac Motion. You owe it to yourself to light a dub and just chill, sit back and nod your head to this one. Also produced by Eminem, you can hear it in the beat (I'm so good).

This right here is Cashis' new song and video. Unlike Diddy, I can't wait for this nigga's album to drop!

Knock a nigga out, while his gun on him still!!!

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