The Game - Taped Convo (G-Unit Diss)

On: Friday, June 20, 2008

I got asked why I didn't blog about the Young Buck and 50 Cent taped phone conversation. The answer is because I think the whole thing is STUPID. Honestly, why does anybody give a fuck??? 50 and Buck ain't hurtin nobody and not helping nobody out either by having this feud going on. And come on now, just cuz Buck started crying on the phone doesn't mean that he ain't hard n shit like that, it means he is a human being and even the hardest human beings cry sometimes over emotional shit but only the pussies cry forever. That's why I'ma take The Game's side on this one and agree with everything he says in this G-Unit diss track.

Can't wait for L.A.X. Its about to be a classic album.

118 And I don't even like Young Buck

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