Diddy Talkin Shit

On: Friday, June 20, 2008

Diddy, Puff Daddy, whatever the hell you call yourself these days. It doesn't matter what the fuck your name is, whether its Diddy or Daddy or Doodoo you are still the whackest rapper (and i use that term loosely) to ever release a studio album. You are a great businessman but as far as knowing what's hot in the street, you're clueless. I know you put together a couple or remixes to songs MANY years ago that had their share of success and you even started calling yourself "the king of the remix" and even THAT has to be taken away from you because what have you done for hip hop LATELY??? Nothing. Bad Boy is yours and you are rich as fuck but believe me no respectable REAL emcee is dying to sign with Bad Boy. Bad Boy has no street cred and face it, it has no hit songs out either.

But anyway, the real reason why I am mentioning this fool on my blog is because of THIS video he put out on his blog that i found on YouTube.

Nigga you are talkin about the game has changed (cuz of Wayne's record sales). Yes it has and drastically. And you're telling rappers to get their ass in the studio cuz the game has changed. I think that would be good advice if it was coming from somebody that has actually BEEN in the studio lately making the hits (TI, Wayne, Kanye, maybe???). I suggest that before you start telling other SUCCESSFUL rappers what they should be doin that maybe YOU should be taking some tips and pointers from them. I don't know, just call me crazy. But you know what I take that back cuz even if you did take your ass in the studio you would just flop anyway cuz I don't ever remember hearing anybody ever say, "Damn nigga I can't wait for Diddy to drop his new shit!!!"

118 I'm just sayin...

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