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On: Thursday, May 22, 2008

Just when i thought that i couldnt be beat, i got overconfident and now ive fell to my feet. I thought i was good, chilled out but real strong, i guess i was not cuz now i feel wrong. Im supposed to be feeling cool wit a smile so clean you could see thru, so why am i feeling so uncool and ungleeful? Truth is as smart as i am and as much as im liked, that dont come into play when it comes to the white. But chill i aint talkin bout bumpin that yay, im talkin bout bumpin my pen when i say, college and high school are just not the same and it took me three years but now its clear like the day. You cant fuck around anymore, those days are long gone so take my advice before your career here is as long as this song. Man i'll tell you firsthand the first semester is very important, but now you fucked up and now you gettin deported. Doesnt always have to be to Mexico but you goin back to where you came from, youre family is disappointed man how you plan to face em? How you plan to tell em that you couldnt handle the pressure, how you suppose to talk to your little cousins, youre supposed to impress em! Bet you thinkin to yourself man id hate to be in that position, guess what homie thats where im at so best thing is to listen! Im only sayin this once be careful or you'll miss it but its up to you weather you heed or dismiss it. You have one opportunity in this life to be great, dont let nothing and nobody keep you from gettin those grades. You have your whole life to have fun so for now study like theres no tomorrow til you start goin berserk, then take a break and reward yourself for all that hard work. Theres nothin wrong with partying hard on a Thursday night, as long as when you come home youre homework is done right. Cuz its really not hard to be a success in this life, my grandfather told me son all you need is the drive. Things wont always be great no matter how hard you try, and even the greats have failed so be ready to cry. Cry cuz it doesnt make you any less of a man, all men fall but only the real men will stand. One Eighteen.

By no means my best work but yes i wrote it.

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