#1 Pick Belongs to the Bulls

On: Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The chances of the Bulls earning the #1 overall pick this year was 17 out of 1000. A 1.7 chance of winning the draft lottery. And guess what, they got the #1 pick! Go figure. So now the question is, who should we take??? Memphis point guard Derrick Rose? Kansas State strong forward Michael Beasley? They are both only freshmen! Derrick Rose is from Chicago so i can definitely see that happening. But the Bulls need a forward more than they need a guard, so Beasley would be nice too.

NBADraft.net has the Bulls taking Derrick Rose with the #1 overall pick and Miami taking Michael Beasley with the second pick. The whole mock draft is up on the website, check it out. It also has Chicago taking Rhode Island strong forward Will Daniels in the second round of the draft. I dont know too much about that guy to have an opinion on him.

I cant wait for the draft, honestly, i want Rose to come home to Chicago and do the damn thing. Hinrich, Gordon, one of them i think is gonna have to leave town. I have LOVED Hinrich since day one so im hoping its Gordon that leaves.

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