On: Thursday, October 04, 2007

Words cant even begin to express how pissed i am right now. The flag football season is here and we are defending our title this year. First game of the season is at 5pm, guess what i have to do at 5pm...a fucking math exam!!! That i had completely forgot i had so now im missing the first football game for an exam i didnt even study for!!! What are the fucking chances that the first game would fall on a day that i have an exam for a class that only has 3 exams a semester!!! Fuck!!! This day is gonna suck period. I have 1 quiz and 2 exams today. Am i prepared??? No!!! I tried to study but my Geology teacher doesnt even put her notes up on Blackboard, what a bitch!!! And the Classical Mythology quiz, i dont know about that one...i'm hoping i do good. FUCK!!! Thats the word to describe this day and situation, fuck.

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