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On: Wednesday, October 03, 2007

This makes post #300!!!

Man, why do i procrastinate!!! Why cant i stay on schedule!!! I finished my excel project last night but i didnt know that all of the sheets were supposed to be on ONE sheet. The project was supposed to be six pages. Mine would turn out to be 11 because i had each section of the Production Report on a separate sheet WHICH THREW ALL MY FORMULAS OFF!!! Unless you now Microsoft Excel 2007 you dont know what im talking about. It took me 2 HOURS to get the whole Production Report on one sheet because i had to re reference all the cells in the project. Not only that but i had to help out an EVANS SCHOLAR with his project. He was pretty much just copying off of me even tho i was doing all the work. He was supposed to be learning from me but he was too high to learn anything. So i guess he just copied what i did. And he even had trouble doing that!!! I skipped class to finish off the little details to the excel and this guy wanted me to stay and do his for him. He's nuts!!! I was too frustrated to do his. Good luck buddy. I tried to teach you, should have payed attention. Evans Scholar, hmph.

118 Fuck an excel, im hungry

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