On: Friday, October 05, 2007

DRUNK POST!!! haha Im drunk as hell...just got back from the bars lol i only paid for TWO drinks the whole niht!!! i paid for a miller lights thats t!!! i had jaegerbombs, cranberry and vodkas, miller lights...there was this DUDE who kept buying me drinks...WTF??? a dude??? lol and then a girl bought me drinks...she was cute but Ronsonet is buter lol

118 im drunk

3 comments on "DRUNK POST!!!"

Guilty Secret said...

Hi...hope your hangover isn't too bad. I really want to get into your blog, but it is so hard to read.. . any chance you might make the font a bit bigger?

Zawadi said...

If that guy tries to buy you drinks again, u better run lmao

A! said...

hope i could buy one beer for you next time..heheh! tks for droppin by my site. peace!