Rest In Peace Cody Miller

On: Monday, January 04, 2010

Damn Cody... I cant believe this shit man. I'll never forget us running quarterback drills together. Me teaching you how to run that veer Coach Ace always tried to get his QBs to master. You always had a better arm than me man even tho I never admitted to it. Damn bro damn!

I miss you already Cody. You already know we loved you. We all did bro! And yes you were my little bro, my teammate, and my protege. "Speedy wtf is up wit that veer man! Ima just throw the ball every play man fuck what Coach Ace say!" hahaha I got so much love for you Cody and that's on everything. RIP man

I swear that there are some cold people in this world, and more specifically in this city. I love Chicago but man I swear Chicago is a fucked up place to live sometimes. Cody was a beautiful person, why anybody would want to do him any harm is beyond me. Cody you did not deserve this. Take the worst thing you ever did in your life, multiply it times your jersey number and you STILL would not deserve this. I hate to see you go but it is the price to pay for being such a good person. Guilty by association huh? This is a fucked up world we live in man. This is a fucked up city. I hate Chicago sometimes.


118 RIP Cody Allen Miller 01/04/10

4 comments on "Rest In Peace Cody Miller"

LoLo said...

RIP CODY. He was a sweet person... I wish I could have done something, but we need to get these terrors off the street.

One Eighteen said...

I agree with you and I can't help but be worried for myself a little bit. They taking anybody with a face these days. But my man Cody? That was just wrong.


MyLoveMyLife said...

awwww my sincere condolences. i hope u feel better

Bombchell said...

my condolences. *hugs*