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On: Friday, December 25, 2009

Have I ever mentioned that I love blogging from my phone? I think I might have mentioned it a couple times before [ understatement ]

First things first, merry xmas [ I guess ]. Hope y'all had an amazing time opening up presents with pretty bows on em and got extra wasted with the family. My xmas sucked, as it always does, except like maybe 2 christmases ago that one was decent! Only cuz I got almost everybody drunk [ myself included x100 ] lol Haha Demiera must have been embarrased of me.

The purpose of this post was simply to update and let y'all know what's been up with me. With that bein said I been good! Can't complain and I usually don't. If I don't like something I fix it. Anyway tho I graduate in May, finally. Can't wait to get out into the corporate world and see what its all about! I'm trying work for Edelman, Ketchum, or Fleishman-Hillard, all top public relations agencies in Chicago [ and the world ]. I only have one class standing between me and graduation so I'm going to spend my final semester in college looking for a better than decent job [ I'm never goin back to bein broke ]. Ima shoot for the stars, I got good aim.

Y'all already know the best way to get a hold of me is thru a text so ask for my number. I don't like to answer phone calls and if I don't know you I won't. But I'll answer a text usually within the same minute of receiving it [ I might as well be physically attached to my phone ]. Here go the updated contact info...

Email: bumpjr@gmail.com [ all emails will be sent to my G1 ]
IM: alfredospaulding [ AIM ]
MySpace, Facebook, & Twitter: [ Click the tabs above ]
GoogleTalk [ G1 and all Android powered phone users ]: bumpjr@gmail.com

118 That is all

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