On: Monday, September 21, 2009

I really should be typing up this paper that is due tomorrow but I haven't blogged in so long that I just felt the need to. Reason for not blogging as much is that I had a HUGE presentation worth an equally HUGE percentage of my grade last week that I had to prepare for the whole week prior to it. Some of my classmates have about 2 months to prepare for it, I had exactly one week because I was scheduled to go on the first day of presentations. Bogus ass professor right?! lol But anyway, hopefully I can blog more often now even though this WILL be my busiest semester ever extracurricularly [ <-- somebody spell check that for me haha ].

My birthday was this past week on the 14th... here's a pic of my birthday outfit. The party? Let's just say a lame ass nigga got out of hand so I had to put him in his place [ the floor ]. But alls well that ends well and everybody had a BLAST!!!

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Mimilainna said...

September 14th is the best birthday, just wanna put that out there. And I'm glad your ass is done with that presentation, I miss my friend. *goes back to IMing you on my G1*

One Eighteen said...

haha you definitely did just IM me. We are getting old =[


IntrospectiveGoddess said...

Had to put someone in they place huh? So somebody got the beatknocks..well its like they say punks jump up to get beat down

Happy Belated, Thanks for stopping by my spot, come back anytime

MyLoveMyLife said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUV! MUAH *birthday licks* (the nice ones though *wink*). at least u got the presentation DONE and outta the way. lol. u dont have to think about it. im sure u did well. luhh ya!

One Eighteen said...

@IntrospectiveGoddess Haha no problem and i'll be back as soon as you post!

@MyLoveMyLife You know you are MY love MY life lol You have been absent from my celly inbox lately! Wassup with that?!


Bombchell said...

sounds like a party i would have loved to be at.

happy belated bday!!!!!!!

One Eighteen said...

Thanks sweetheart!