Back 2 School

On: Monday, August 24, 2009

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5 comments on "Back 2 School"

Bombchell said...

ugh dont u just hate school!!

One Eighteen said...

I'm a nerd, I love school. I just dont like going all the time lol


MyLoveMyLife said...

i love school too lol. things have been going good for me there. You look nice there. idk..i need to go shopping, i always end up lookin homeie in my opinion. its annoying. lol.
OH THANK YOU for congradulating me. im SUPER excited. but what makes u feel theres no point to marriage? is it the way people in general are? but there are a lot of benefits to marriage...even financially. the state will help married people out so much sooner then they do single people. lol. but there are a lot of people that feel the way u do..i cant say i dont understand u. but u never day u may be blogging about that special someone u just may WANT to spend ur life with and make it official

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

hmmm I bet anything you were listening to that Remy Martin :)

One Eighteen said...

@MyLoveMyLife haha yea i just think a good girl is hard to find these days

@Tuotierugif lmao why cant i be listenin to Turn My Swag On or sumthin?! haha