Men Go To Babyshowers

On: Saturday, August 01, 2009

Atleast in Mexican families we do! And we get fucked up lol True story

But today was my little cousin Diana's babyshower... she's having a little girl. Its funny cuz her older sister Alondra has 3 kids and they are ALL girls. Lesley is 10, Alony is 4, and Serenity is only 1 and they are all GORGEOUS!!! And now the younger sister is having a little girl too... I'm like damn are yall not capable of making boys? Are yalls second X-chromosome fucked up or sumthin? haha Here go some pics...

Sorry ladies but this little girl is the ONLY owner of my heart.
Her name is Alony and she is 4 years old.

Alony(4) & Serenity (1)

My pregnant ass little cuz Diana... her babyshower

That's my cuz opening up her babyshower presents

As you can see from the pics that I took with my bestest friend, the T-Mobile G1, men DO go to babyshowers. And we get fucked up, and we eat up all the food. But mostly we just get fucked up lol

Oh yea... little sidestory... my cousin Diana still stays in my old neighborhood which is in the heart of the Mexican hood in Chicago (Little Village area WHAT!!!) and that's where she had her babyshower outside her crib. So I step out the car cuz I had to park a couple blocks away by my old grammar school. I decided I wanted to take a picture w/ the G1 so I tried to do it low key cuz there was 2 teenage girls playin baseball in the schoolyard. As I was crossing the street the 2 girls came up to me with their bats and CHECKED ME!!! They were like "Ey nigga do I KNOW you!!!" I was like "Naw but shit you can GET to know me!!!" haha Ghetto ass girls

And for no particular reason at all...

118 <3 Alony <3

6 comments on "Men Go To Babyshowers"

Jaimie said...

looks real fun, like you had a great time :)

One Eighteen said...

Yup... and then I went to the club, walked inside and got me any chick I want!


Xtina said...

I came across your blog and I had to show love......cuz I agree with 2 things:

1) Yes, men do go to baby showers

2) Mexicans, Guatemalans, PRicans, DRicans, West Indians and Africans
ALL know how to party, I've been to a couple ;)

One Eighteen said...

Hey newcomer! So glad you decided to leave a comment. And yes we party like its the last hour of our lives lol


Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

Aw your cousins are so cute! You do know it's boy's who have the X/Y...I think? lol haha at you about to beat up by some teenagers lmao

I heard lola may be preggers by Soulja boy hmmmmmm

One Eighteen said...

Yea I heard that too... lucky bastard! lol But I wasnt gonna beat up no little girls they wanted to whoop MY ass lol