Sum Pics

On: Sunday, July 26, 2009

I been a lazy blogger lately. I'm sorry lol
I'll make it up to you... with some pics straight off the G1 :-)

This is my most recent pic lol I'm stuffing my face with a gordita cuz I hadn't had one in YEARS!!! And it was just as fye as I remember them lol

Me right before goin to the Mexico vs Costa Rica soccer game at Soldier Field 7/23

But the day before that me and my cousins went to Lawn Bowl down the street from my house and since my uncle runs the bar there, he hooked me up with a few of these... (favorite drink in the world, Long Island Iced Tea). I bowl better when I'm tipsy, apparently haha

The day AFTER the game tho, I went with some of my people to this Mexican restaurant by my crib. I made my way to the bathroom and this is what the door looked like from the inside lol And yes I stay around a bunch of different little stupid gangstas.

118 The end :-)

6 comments on "Sum Pics"

Jaimie said...

nom nom nom nom, that first pick makes me hungry. that game looks like a lot of fun.

One Eighteen said...

It was... and the gordita was everything I could ever wish for lol


MyLoveMyLife said...

iv never heard of a gordita. whats in it? looks like u have a fun life.

One Eighteen said...

A gordita has whatever you want to put in it. I usually have mine with steak lettuce sour cream potatoes and salsa. haha my life is aight! wanna be a part of it? lol


Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

The door is what my old bunk bed looked and my siblings would draw on it...idk why lol

One Eighteen said...

Damn yall would tag it up with gang signs? lol Yall musta been sum badass kids lol