Idk... Random

On: Monday, June 15, 2009

LMFAO!!! @ one of my exes... I won't mention which one tho! I'm over here dyin over this shit. He a upgrade over me huh LOL I got one word for you... TREATED! haha

BUT ANYWAY!!! My weekend was extra fun cuz Saturday was our Annual Omega Delta Summer Picnic and it was a GREAT time. I took a lot of pictures wit different people but unfortunately not everybody's posted them to Facebook yet! (Boooooooo) But here go one of em!

Andrea, Flor, Me, Flor's friend (oops forgot her name), Diana

And then Sunday was our fundraising basketball tournament for our frat house that somebody hated on back in May burning it down. Its aight cuz if you not getting hated on then you gotta be doin something wrong (forgot where I got that from). The tournament was aight except we only had one game goin on at a time so it took forever to crown a winner... I left I couldn't stay for the whole damn thing.

After that me and my girl drove to Dekalb at like 11pm cuz I had court in the morning. We stayed the night at my frat brother's crib and she even cooked up some hot wings for me and my brothers. It was cool to see them cuz I been kickin it wit my girl so much that I don't get to hang out wit all my guys but its aight tho cuz Ima see em everyday during the semester. Oh which brings me to my next point! A nigga is graduating in December yall!!! Yup yours truly is finally about to be done!!! My college experience is about to be over and yea Ima miss it but dang a nigga wanna work already! lol Time to make some damn money!!!

And I know this post is all over the place (but the best ones always are) but I officially hate the G2... I know random as hell right? Nah but I made up my mind that everything the G2 has anybody can tweek the G1 to do and plus the G2 is just plain ugly. And it don't even have a keyboard (only a virtual one) and I hate that shit. I stay texting like I'm sure most of yall do. So yea, I think I'll stick wit my G1 when the G2 come out... or maybe I'll get it just to be havin it... idk lol I'm out!

118 Still LMFAO!!!

4 comments on "Idk... Random"

MyLoveMyLife said...

i like this picture. you look good , and all the girls are pretty.GON' WIT YO BAD ASS! lmaooo oh and far as the G2...i HATE vertual keyboards to...whomever invented those things needs to be bit by a racoon with rabies and then shot

One Eighteen said...

Haha Shot somewhere where he wont die of the gunshot tho... we want him to die of the rabies lol


Bombchell said...

congratulations on the upcoming graduations!

One Eighteen said...

Thanks! Maybe I can finally travel outside of the southside of Chicago now! lol I been told that there is more places in this world than Chicago... true? haha