My Favorite Online Show... Epic-Fu

On: Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Not that I watch any other Internet shows lol

I mentioned Epic-Fu in my last post so I decided to show yall wtf I'm tawkinbot! Yes Zadi Diaz is sexy as fuck... and she actually talks to your ass if you Facebook her or Twitter her. I am guilty of having a couple of LONG conversations with her (I can't help it, I thinks she's hot) lol And plus I love fine ass geeky girls


This week's episode

118 Yes, Zadi's name is a different letter arrangement of her last name (duh)

2 comments on "My Favorite Online Show... Epic-Fu"

findout11 said...

Fine ass geeky girls huh...who would've thought...

One Eighteen said...

I thought you knew! lol