Bump J - Bust Down

On: Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Yea!!! New Bump. My man is doin what he does so well in this song, produced by Trackstarz by the way, and that's talkin about busten em hoes down lol Ey, its a played out theme but my man is the shit when it comes to talkin about hoes and he does it in straight Chicago fashion!!! You ever wonder how Chicago niggas talk? Well listen to Bump. I keep it real Chicago all day & all night til the day that I die, muthafucka haha Goooon Squaaaad!!!

Download it: Bump J - Bust Down

I let her ride on the joy just to feed her hunger!!!

3 comments on "Bump J - Bust Down"

Demiera said...


All I can say is this...like all of Bump's songs, I have to grow into it, so I suppose I'll be downloading this onto my phone so I can bump it on the way home

Z.Equiano said...

Dropped by to say "hello". I changed my blog layout so much i lost your link to your site.
Still looks nice. I will check back again,,,Peace

Anonymous said...

Whats good fam how come you cant download this now bump locked up people want this fam..