Soulja Boy ft Bow Wow - Marco Polo

On: Monday, July 07, 2008

My frat bro Aaron loves Soulja Boy for some reason. He texted me "Marco Polo" so here it is. This one is with Bow Wow too. Bow Wow ain't TOO bad on it but Soulja Boy, I just don't know. Can you lack any more creativity on your hooks??? I mean it sounds just like the hook you used on Gucci Bandana.

118 Fuck it man, get your money

5 comments on "Soulja Boy ft Bow Wow - Marco Polo"

dejanae said...

im not feelin lil man but hey
if he's getting paid to do his stuff
i cant be mad at him
how bout only a lil bit?

i just get frustrated that folk with some real lyrical talent cant get no airplay but this youngin here....

like i said
i aint no hater

let him get that bread

im just not tryna hear it

dejanae said...

oh and hey

One Eighteen said...

haha hey!


BlaHHH said...

Soulja Boy is def not real Hip Hop music 2 me. I have no reason why Kanye thinks he is. I can respect his hustle, but music wise, hell no. But hey, I cant hate cuz my ass was crankin & yah bitchin everywhere 2!

& I added u2 my blogroll!

& congrats on the SwagMag feature!

One Eighteen said...

lol Thanks!!!