Nas ft Lil Wayne & Chris Brown - Make The World Go Round

On: Monday, July 07, 2008

New Nas!!!

Alot of people like Nas, alot of people don't. Some regard him as the greatest lyricist alive, some don't. Personally, I think that as a lyricist he is great, but not the best. Sure, the man deserves all the credit in the world but he is just not the BEST in the world. His upcoming album is entitled Nigger, as he is trying to make a statement about how the black man is looked at as nothing more than a "nigger" despite of what the black man's accomplishments are. I would love the concept of this album under certain circumstances, one being that one of our two presidential candidates wasn't black. We are now living in a country where a BLACK MAN is running for President of the United States after defeating a WHITE candidate who just happened to be married to one of the most popular presidents in the history of the United States. I just think that the timing of the title for his album is a little bit off. Maybe this title would have been more suited for a release LAST YEAR because obviously it must not be THAT BAD to be black right now, why? Because the next leader of the free world could very possibly be a BLACK MAN. I know come December, I'm voting for MY OWN state's senator, BARACK OBAMA.

Oh shit, almost forgot, there is a song here lol


Nas ft The Game & Chris Brown - Make The World Go Round

118 OBAMA 08!!!

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Anonymous said...

I like your thoughts on the Nas thing and I'd have to agree. I agree with the soulja boy thing too. Lack of creativity is definitely one of his best selling points though. Haha! Well, not for me but for the masses. They don't really want to think too much when they listen to music and soulja boy definitely gives them that. I think he's complete rubbish. Plus sexually explicity songs being marketed to the masses (which include grade school children) under the guise of slang really pisses me off. I hope I don't have to see another 5th grade boy singing about supermaning another hoe. He definitely set back the entire population a couple of notches. Idiot.

One Eighteen said...

Preach girl


Meanshots22 said...

lol. im glad u did a post on nas. most people sleep on him because he's not rappen about hoes, and money.but he is still great an he has a message that needs to come across. thanx for the post.

One Eighteen said...

Not me I'm all about good music and Nas is definitely better than GOOD music


**Queen B** said...

I love nas, yeaa his album may be controversial and not in the best timing but he is so talented..I can't stand all these lil corny rappers with these gay ass songs like soulja boy...i hate that guy!ugghh

Shen-Shen said...


I dislike most of the rap music that's been coming out recently. Singing "This Is Why I'm Hot" does not make you seem cool, nor does it make you hot.

(¯`·._.·[***Fresh&Fab***]·._.·´¯) said...

song is decent..nas is one of the greats of all time...he does his work and he does it well

he can never be replaced