Slim ft Shawty Lo & Yung Joc - So Fly (remix)

On: Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I know, Slim (from 112) is a singer and this is primarily an R&B song but it DOES have Shawty Lo and Yung Joc on it. And even if it didn't have Lo and Joc on there I would still pot it cuz I was a 112 fan before and Slim is a talented singer. I don't ONLY like rap and hip hop, I got a huge spot for good R&B in my heart. Some of my other recent R&B favorites are Solange Knowles (she is about to blow up! "I Decided" was #1 on Billboard last time I checked), Ne-Yo, Rihanna, a few others.


As far as the song, I like it, its hot. Kind of 112ish but that's obviously understandable lol Check it out

Nas ft Shawty Lo & Yung Joc - So Fly Remix

118 I need it cuz you know that Ima fiend!!!

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