Random Phone Pics v. 4

On: Saturday, July 26, 2008

The charger should be here tomorrow yall, but until then here go some more random pics off my phone.

Sometimes fat girls make it too easy to be made fun of lol

Find it

I'm in love

Can you believe this shit??? It tasted real good too

118 Nigga I piss energy...and its prolly not a good thing lol

7 comments on "Random Phone Pics v. 4"

Monique said...

urm.. HUBBY! i love you ! lmaoo i have neverrr commented on your site it's cute .. not as cute as mine ! http://dolce-eighteen.com/ haha

<3 yooh.

One Eighteen said...

oh shit Preppy got a blog again. i cant wait to see what kinda random blonde black girl type a stuff you put on there. and it better not be all about ae lol i see you got his ass on the page ALREADY!!!


Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

wow, not a good look for her lol

Miss Foxxy said...

wow.. is that chick serious? she - or whoever the hell let her out the house lookin' like that - needs to get slapped QUICK! she is a MESS lol.

One Eighteen said...

a mess and a bag of m&m's


**Queen B** said...

3 words! hot ghetto mess

Kieya said...

LOL @ "Sometimes fat girls make it too easy to be made fun of lol"

THEN i saw the picture...def had to step away from the computer lol