Cotto vs Margarito: A Battle for the Ages

On: Saturday, July 26, 2008

They are callin it a classic and yes sir it was!!! From beginning to the end the match was tough!!! I know that the supposed rivalry between Mexicans and Puerto Ricans is out there and for most of the year I try to avoid it (I have nothing against Puerto Ricans, I really don't) but when things like a boxing match between a Mexican and a Puerto Rican come around, of course you're going to root for the fighter that represents your country. So you know I was hatin hard on Cotto and cheering my ass off for Margarito. And I wasn't alone cuz the whole crowd at the fight was cheering "MEXICO! MEXICO!" and "Margarito! Margarito!" the whole time. No doubt Margarito was the underdog and very few people said he could win the fight (except for Mexicans, we knew Margarito had to beat this guy). Especially in boxing, the rivalry between Mexican fighters and Puerto Rican fighters is tremendous!!! It doesn't matter who the underdog and the favorite is, it don't matter who the challenger and who the champion is, none of that matters. All that matters is national pride. That's what also helped to make this fight such a classic.

I'm not gonna lie the fight started out Cotto's way. It seemed like he was just too quick and hit alot harder but throughout the whole fight, Margarito chased after him putting pressure on Cotto the likes of which he had never seen before. Eventually, that pressure from Margarito wore Cotto out and Cotto became very tired around the 9th round. Margarito kept swinging and swinging and finally in the 11th round, Cotto went down. Cotto gathered himself and stood back up only to be knocked down again by Margarito moments later. Ref called the bout a TKO and Margarito the winner. Cotto is no longer undefeated and a new WBA Welterweight champ was crowned. Margarito I think I speak for all the Mexicans in the world when I say that you have made us proud. The odds were against you (Cotto is an amazing boxer) and you came out victorious. And just for the record: Go to my Facebook, look thru my statuses and see for yourself that I had called this match DAYS ago. I called it: Margarito lays Cotto out to end the fight. Check it!!!

Congratulations Antonio Margarito
Thanks for reppin Mexico to the fullest my nigga

Notice how my man's face is showin no signs of any punishment, that's not to say he didn't receive any cuz Lord knows Cotto came at him wit some shit. However, if you saw Cotto's face after the bout, you woulda thought Margarito had brass knuckles in his gloves!!! Cotto's face was FUCKED UP!!! And he was bleeding after the second round. Margarito punished Cotto in the later rounds. Cotto didn't even stay to be interviewed after the fight, nope, nigga went straight to the hospital. Can you blame him??? I CAN!!! The nigga wasn't dying so he shoulda stayed a while. You're supposed to be sportsmanlike, win or lose. Alls well that ends well. And I'm sure that there'll be plenty of speculation about a part II to this fight, there's got to. Margarito vs Cotto II is definitely coming, I guarantee it.

118 Viva Mexico cabrones!!!

2 comments on "Cotto vs Margarito: A Battle for the Ages"

Anonymous said...

It seems like it was an amazing fight! I LOVE boxing, but not the boxing of today. I am into the old skool boxing like, Ali, Ali, and Ali, lol (Ali is my favorite and I love him dearly.) But the fights of Ali-Frazier, Ali-Foreman, those just had to be the greatest of all time, no pun intended. Fighting is so commercialized these days and so much has changed.

One Eighteen said...

i think boxing is at its best right now, actually