[OSVD] Outkast - The Whole World

On: Saturday, July 05, 2008

Once again yall, Im sorry for not posting. This holiday weekend has been super busy for me. Don't trip cuz everything will be back to normal after the weekend is over. Meanwhile enjoy the old school video of the day by Outkast ft Killer Mike (what happened to Killer Mike??? lol Ima have to find out). This video is just as hot as the song. When this came out I played and replayed the song over and over and over. I don't think that there is another rap duo IN THE WORLD as talented or as creative as Outkast. When I think of hip hop I think of Lupe Fiasco and Outkast, real talk those are the names that come to my mind. When these guys are done, they have to go into the hip hop hall of fame (if there is such a thing which Im sure there is lol). Lifetime achievement awards n shit lol They are just so unique, their originality is off the charts and they're off the chain.

118 If her momma a quarter then daughter must be a dime

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BlaHHH said...

Omgggg! I used 2 loveeee this song! Just like you I played it out when I 1st heard it 2 l0l. & yea Outkast & Lupe r def true hip hop in my book. Outkast is just outta this world 4rm their style 2 their flow....& u look like u could be a lil mixed 2...In the 2nd pic def lol

Farren said...

nice song choice. =)


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BlaHHH said...

Shut up! lol. I had an excuse 4 not updating ok, I'm in pain right now lol. So you'll be happy 2 know that I updated:).

& I'm saying in the 2ne pic where its like kinda dark, you looked mixed lol. I'm still tryna figure out what you look like you could be mixed with though, gimme time lol. & yea, people come up 2 me & speak spanish all the time & I'm like huh. I cant even speak english right, so I'm damn sure not gonna understand spanish lol. Habla espanol? Is that how you say it? lol. I think that is so sexy when guys can speak spanish!

**Queen B** said...

ahh brings back memories...I still love this song...thanks for the comment!