Hornitos Margarita @ the Taste

On: Sunday, July 06, 2008

Me and Demiera were at the Taste of Chicago yesterday after my family's barbecue. Neither one of us was hungry cuz we had just ate at the park with everybody so when we got there we were lookin for something to use our tickets on, and then I saw the Absolut Vodka stand. Game over! haha They were selling margaritas too made with Hornitos brand tequila so being Mexican & all I was like run THAT shit lol I had 2 of them cuz man they were FLAME AS FUCK!!! So we kept walkin and then I seen the beer stand. If you know me then you know I hate beer!!! But they had that new Bud Lime (which is a rip off of what Mexicans do wit their Coronas, we add the lime) and I wanted to try it. I tried it and Ima admit I don't know too much about beer but it wasn't bad at all. But then again I had also been drinking hard liquor so maybe my taste buds made me think it tasted good, I don't know. And at the time I didn't give a fuck WHAT i was drinkin.

Here go the bottle

118 Patron is still #1 though, viva Mexico!!!

4 comments on "Hornitos Margarita @ the Taste"

socialedisturbed. said...

patron is the DEVIL!!!!!!!
so is ciroc
& henny.. cant forget about henny

One Eighteen said...

Haha bad experience??? Sure it wasn't a GOOD experience??? lol


Kieya said...

ALL about the Patron lol

One Eighteen said...

damn right