After Holiday Update

On: Sunday, July 06, 2008

Wat em upz yall. I think I'm back to my regular blogging ways now that the holiday weekend is over. I'm not complaining tho it was fun as hell. About my blogroll, I'm adding anybody who has an interesting blog on there, I'm not gonna add blogs on there that I don't read myself cuz why would I??? If you add me on yours please let me know so I can add you to mine (same rule applies though).

I love sarcastic and goofy and funny and smart comments on my posts so please leave lots of em everywhere. Ima start posting the Comment of the Week so if you want to see yourself on my blog leave something outstanding on my comments. You can talk shit too if you want just make sure its funny and NOT disrespectful.

Also, if you got any suggestions for the Old School Video of the Day, scream at me. I'm out, deuces!!!

118 I'm racin for the money and I think I see the finish line!!!

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