West ft Young Buck - Hustleman

On: Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This video just came out on YouTube. The rapper's name is West or Young West. And he got Young Buck on the track. The song is hot definitely worth a listen. This is a nice way for Buck to rebound off of the whole crying on the phone with 50 lol The only thing I don't understand is why West says he got G-Unit jeans on. West ain't even signed to G-Unit! Why would he have Buck on the song if he knows he has problems with G-Unit? Why would Buck agree to bein featured on a track with somebody endorsing G-Unit? I guess at the end of the day its all about business, fuck the beef.

118 G, "Unot" G-Unit!!!

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Anonymous said...

this video and track was done before buck and 50's fall out