Wayne's Wise Words

On: Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I swear to GOD!!! I want to fuckin slap the fucking dogshit out of Diddy. You are the fakest nigga I have ever seen in my life!!! You are rich as fuck which is why I can't come near you to slap the shit out of you but I CAN tell the people how I feel about you. You are a jack ass dude foreal. You ain't got no fucking talent and you are not HARD, stop tryna act like you are. Stop tryna talk like you are. Once again why you tryna give artists advice? When the fuck was the last time you had a platinum album? When was the last time you were #1 anywhere nigga? When have you heard ANY rapper say that you we're puttin pressure on the industry? Never nigga. Why don't YOU take Wayne's advice instead of tellin other niggas to do so. Fuck outta here. That's why all your artists flop bitch!!! You a pussy and you lame as hell. REAL TALK.

Now as for my man Wayne. If there is anybody in the business that I would love to take all the advice I can get from (if i was a rapper or producer), its you. You definitely know what you're doin and I don't know anybody that could do it much better. Why would you even sit next to a bitch like Diddy though? A nigga as garbage as that might stain your shoelaces. And you definitely don't want that.

Don't pay no attention to Diddy's annoying ass, just listen to what Wayne has to say.

You know its funny cuz Diddy says that the key to comin up is being different. Wayne says that if you try to be different you just gon end up bein the same cuz everybody is tryna be different right now. Who's advice would you take? The one that owns a record label of artists that FLOP or the advise of the man that sold 1.5 million records in 1 week? Diddy you are dumb as fuck. Like Ice T would say, GO SUCK A DICK!!! Shit you have a better chance of being good at that then makin a hit record that real niggas gon respect.

This nigga Diddy annoying AS FUCK!!!

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