Weezy Says Thanks!!!

On: Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Its ridiculous how many rappers have tried to freestyle over Wayne's "A Millie." Well this is Lil Wayne's remix to his now legendary freestyle "A Millie" and I really like this track because he kind of uses the beginning of it to say thank you to his fans and you gotta respect that.

Oh yea by the way, ICE T, did you listen to what Wayne says at the very end of the remix??? In case you didn't hear, let me repeat it for you.

"Mad rappers look on the bright side, I sold 1.5, HIP HOP IS ALIVE!!!"

But that's not all, Weezy video blogs now on his website and his first post is a thank you video. Lil Wayne is a character man I'm tellin you. Here go the video...


2 comments on "Weezy Says Thanks!!!"

Demiera said...

1. i'm not sure exactly what significance history books had in his life, and I dunno what school he went to cuz at my school we could take books home from the library. But either way I guess the book fair was like a week of Christmas to him cuz he KEPT bringing it up at the most random times. LOL!
2. I would hate to be his neck. Gotta support that big ass head and he can't even look straight so its even heavier. that's not cool.
3. He sure did a lot of shoutouts just to say, "but we did nothing", so I guess that's cool for the fans but the people he shouted out had to feel kinda salty.

Weezy is a fool for this one lol. Good job for finding this blog, Amardo.

One Eighteen said...

haha you always leave the best comments