Epic-Fu Update - Tesla Supercar, How to Get Cheap Gas

On: Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ya'll would never ever believe who I talked to just a few minutes ago. Zadi Diaz!!! It was on the most randomest shit ever! I wasn't sleepy at all cuz ya'll know me, sippin on those energy drinks got me typing 118 words a minute (not really) But anyway, I was wide awake on Facebook at 2 in the morning and ya'll know when you sign on to Facebook and that Facebook chat thing pops up? That thing popped up and i saw Zadi was signed on and before I knew it I had sent her an IM and I swear not even half a minute later she IM'd me back. I thought I was trippin for a second cuz I didn't think she would. While I was IMing with her the only thing that went thru my mind was how cool she was for actually HOLDING a conversation with one of her fans (on Facebook of all places lol). I mean she didn't rush me off or end the chat quickly, she seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say. She's seems so REAL and so down to earth and that alone has just made me an even bigger fan of her's and Epic-Fu. Expect ALOT more Epic-Fu coverage from now on.

Guess what ya'll. She said she was going to bookmark Thee Life of 118 to show her crew tomorrow. You KNOW I had to tell her about the blog. Maybe I'll get to talk to her again sometime and hopefully next time I won't be so fan-y lol

118 If you hate'n, FU!!!

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