Soulja Boy's Reaction to Ice T's Video

On: Friday, June 20, 2008

Big day of blogging today yall.

Soulja Boy's responds to Ice T's diss video. In the beginning of the video Soulja Boy starts off by making fun of Ice T but towards the middle and all the way til the end of the video you would be surprised but Soulja Boy makes some REAL GOOD POINTS. I have to give Soulja Boy his props for this video and what he said in it. Even though I don't think Soulja Boy is the best rapper in the world, the young nigga IS gettin his money. And he IS doin what he gotta do and you just can't hate a nigga like that (no matter how untalented he is). Don't get me wrong, he's definitely gettin more money than I am and if I was given the opportunity to do what he is doin, I'd take it. And I wouldn't give a fuck if old ass niggas like Ice T liked my music. I would not give a fuck as long as my family was eating (just like Soulja Boy said).

Soulja Boy, big ups my nigga.

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Ice T should change his name to Lemonade haha!!!

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