On: Sunday, June 22, 2008

Notice anything different folks??? Well as of today, is now officially!!! That's right lol I bought the domain from GoDaddy because I saw an ad for it on Epic-Fu and I even got a discount when I entered FU3 in the code box. I had always wanted my own domain name but I had never done it because I was never sure I was going to keep blogging but now I'm sure and that's why I made the move. You have to be a blogger to understand the significance of having your blog under your own domain lol


2 comments on "Officially!!!"

Steve Woolf said...

congrats on planting your flag on the web! and thanks for supporting the show!!!

One Eighteen said...

Ha ha whats goin on Steve!!! Yea it was about time I got my own domain and when I saw the GoDaddy promo on Epic-Fu with the special Epic-Fu discount I just figured it was a sign you feel me?