My Hardly a Vacation Vacation

On: Sunday, June 15, 2008

(This is my third post today, I probably should have posted this first lol Fuck it)

My bad, my bad! I have been M.I.A. for the last four days but I have an excuse, I was on vacation!!! And when I say vacation I use that term loosely because it was hardly a vacation. I spent 3 days with my immediate family in some town in the middle of nowhere. My parents rented a condo by a lake in a town called Apple River Lake (right, where the fuck is that? lol). I mean the condo was beautiful and the scenery was awesome but there was just NOTHING to do. Add to that, my sister was being her typical self the whole time we were there. She did not stop complaining and having a good time was just impossible with her around. She got on everybody’s last nerve to the point that on the last day all we all wanted to do was just leave. We didn’t even want to stay to eat cuz we were so fed up with being with her. My sister is about to be 18 and she has this thing called O.C.D. so its not all her fault that she’s a jerk but she has had it for a long time and she takes medication and she understands what she is doing. She just likes making everybody else miserable!!! So like I was saying, it was hardly a vacation. It was actually kind of worse than everyday because atleast any other day I can just leave and go do something else but since we were in the middle of nowhere, where was I supposed to go? I was stuck in the house with her. She has alot of problems actually. She also has social anxiety disorder so she can’t be around alot of people. She has NO friends at all. Her only friend is my mom. I know you’re probably saying that its not her fault and that we should try to be nice to her because she is so unfortunate, right??? Well let me tell you this, nobody in the world is ever going to be as nice to my sister as we are. Nobody else in the world is going to be as patient with my sister as we are every single day. And you want to know who has it the worst??? Me. Why??? Because since I am her brother, she has no limits to what she can say to me. She knows not to disrespect her parents because my mom taught her well but I am NOT one of her parents so she says whatever she feels like saying to me and does things that only the biggest jerk would do. The things she says don’t hurt me but she is just the biggest jerk to me. My mom says that the reason why she is like that with me is because I am the only person she can take her frustrations out on; she has no one else. But don’t think this is anything new, I have been putting up with my sister since she could walk and talk. That’s YEARS.

Back to the vacation. It wasn’t all bad though. Any quality time I get to spend with my mom is awesome since I am always out the house kickin it with my frat brothers or my girl. My mom is the only component in my family that keeps us together. If it wasn’t for my mom, I wouldn’t feel like coming home everyday. My mom means the world to me and I love her to death. Its cliche but she really is the best mom in the world and I hope she knows she is. Nobody has ever had my back like she does EVERY DAY. I hate disappointing her so I try not to but I ain’t perfect lol

Here's some pictures I took from that one place...

Like a said the scenery was nice but on the last day we were all happy to be goin home, except my sister. Oh but the day before we left, we went to this tourist town called Galena (not much to see by the way). But I did go into this gag store and bought this lollipop that looks real but when you lick it, you start farting like crazy lol I can’t wait to give it to one of my frat bros lol

118 I'm back, thank God!!!

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